Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement

JRB’s mission is to handle each claim and interaction with professionalism and integrity. We aim to ensure satisfaction for underwriters and policyholders alike and will provide prompt, accurate and fair adjusting services to each stakeholder.

Core Values

Professionalism and Integrity – At JRB we value and revere honesty and candor. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical ideals and govern our day-to-day activities by these principals and philosophies. We strive to provide prompt, accurate and fair services and adhere to swift disclosure of unfavorable revelations to all parties.

Golden Rule – Ethics of reciprocity guide our business principles. We believe in treating others as we ourselves would like to be treated - with respect and due process in all dealings.

Virtue & Worth – we strive for superior customer service levels and aim to meet or exceed expectations to all parties involved with our business.